Improve Productivity and Save

at your Plant with DIRECTAIR®

CJ Automotive, a leading global company in design, development and manufacturing of pedal systems for the automotive industry, had equipment that was no longer functional, so it was facing a large capital equipment expenditure. Additionally, the plant lacked the manpower required to maintain the needed repairs on the aged air compressors. In search of a solution that would improve operational reliability and alleviate maintenance concerns, CJ Automotive contacted the experts at DIRECTAIR®.

After a thorough assessment to determine the customer’s needs, DIRECTAIR®'s full turnkey solution to provide reliable compressed air utility service was recommended. DIRECTAIR® includes all system components and design, such as the cooling systems, controls, monitors, motors, starters, filters, dryers, electrical, interconnecting piping, auto drains, concrete, and more. MONITAIR®, a state-of-the-art computerized system that centrally monitors and controls the compressed air system at all times, was also added.

CJ Automotive is incredibly pleased with the new compressed air solution. DIRECTAIR® allowed them to avoid large capital expenses, has provided them with a smooth stream of clean, compressed air, and has eliminated the risk of faulty equipment during their plant production growth period. Because MONITAIR® sequences air compressors at peak efficiency, it has helped the plant discover significant energy savings and allowed the maintenance team to focus on other equipment, therefore improving productivity. 

Is your plant facing large capital costs due to inefficient compressed air equipment? Contact DIRECTAIR® and find out how you save big!