About Us:

Revolutionizing the Compressed Air Industry 


It All Started with an Idea 

In the early 1990's, a customer came to use with what seemed like a pretty simple question: "Can we just buy the air?” That simple question got us asking ourselves what if we could provide our customers with 100% reliability for all of their compressed air needs? Can we make it a completely hands-off, worry-free experience for our customers, and only charge them for the compressed air they actually use?
This revolutionary service model developed three decades ago is what has made DIRECTAIR®, an OTC Industrial Technologies Product, the world’s leading utility compressed air service provider. Similar to water, gas, and electricity, our turnkey FOURTH UTILITY compressed air service provides manufacturers with the critical compressed air they rely on. 

Understanding the pivotal role a compressed air system plays in every manufacturing operation, our team is dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted production across all industries. We recognize the critical consequences of downtime and remain committed to empowering businesses to thrive through consistent, clean, and reliable compressed air solutions.
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A Total Worry-Free Compressed Air Solution 

With our total compressed air solution, customers only pay a single monthly fee for the compressed air they use, nothing more. 

Built in-house, the DIRECTAIR® team will design, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain a new cutting-edge compressed air system modules tailored to the unique requirements of every customer. We install each compressed air module outside of your facility, freeing up valuable floor space, and maintain every aspect of your compressed air service. 

With DIRECTAIR®, there is no need to invest in costly compressors, dryers, piping, or any other complex equipment needed to operate a compressed air system. Our customers have all the clean compressed air they need, when they need it, to run their business successfully.

The Benefits of DIRECTAIR®

There are many benefits of partnering with DIRECTAIR® for all of your compressed air needs, including:

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    Our 100% Uptime Guarantee 

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    Only Pay for the Air You Use 

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    Clean, Dry, and Oil Free Air 

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    Lower Maintenance Costs

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    Reduces Carbon Footprint and Landfill Use 

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    No System Maintenance 

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    Enjoy 35-50% Energy Savings 

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    30 Years of Experience to Support You 

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    Our Freestanding Module Frees Up Facility Floor Space 

Three Decades of Innovation Ready to Serve Your Manufacturing Facility

Over the last 30 years, DIRECTAIR® has changed the game for manufacturers who rely on compressed air every day. We have proudly supplied millions of hours of reliable compressed air service to our customers across North America. 

When quality, reliability, and experience count, you can count on DIRECTAIR® to be your simplified, cost-effective, long-term compressed air partner. 

Celebrating 30 years of innovation, DIRECTAIR® has revolutionized the compressed air industry with our FOURTH UTILITYservice. From a pivotal customer question, to the modular concept and the “Off the Floor Strategy,” our hands-off approach ensures hassle-free compressed air for manufacturers 24/7, 365. With our 100% Uptime Guarantee and over 17 million hours of reliable service, we’re just getting started.