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Elevating the Future: Three Decades of Redefining Compressed Air Solutions

By DIRECTAIR® Insights Team on April 2, 2024

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DIRECTAIR® Insights Team

Over the last 30 years, DIRECTAIR® has revolutionized the compressed air industry by offering customers who no longer wanted to purchase, operate, and maintain their own compressed air systems a completely worry-free, hands-off solution designed to meet their specific needs.

Today, we are the largest compressed air provider in North America. With our turnkey FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service, DIRECTAIR® has provided manufacturers with over 17 million hours of operation providing clean, reliable air. 

Just as a business pays for the gas, electricity, and water they use, our customers are billed only for the compressed air they consume. DIRECTAIR® designs, manufactures, installs, operates, and services our compressed air systems at no additional cost.

Since our inception, we have saved our customers nearly $350 million in energy costs, while reducing their carbon footprint by 3 million metric tons of CO2.

Proud of Our  Past, Looking Ahead to the Future

Let’s delve into the opportunities ahead for DIRECTAIR® to utilize our 30 years of expertise in meeting the needs of current and future customers with our reliable, cost-efficient, and hassle-free compressed air solution, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Additionally, we'll discuss how our commitment to sustainability and technological advancements sets us apart in the market.

Emerging Market Competition

As the market for compressed air solutions evolves and new players enter the industry, DIRECTAIR® consistently stays one step ahead. With our unique ability to deliver unparalleled comprehensive solutions, we have positioned ourselves as the leading provider of industrial compressed air service in the manufacturing industry.

With hundreds of dedicated employees across North America, we are the only compressed air service that completely designs, manufactures, installs, operates, and maintains our equipment at customers' facilities. Today, DIRECTAIR® operatives five times more customer sites than all our competitors combined.

Continuing the DBOOM Service Model

DIRECTAIR®’s DBOOM (Design, Build, Own, Operate, & Maintain) service model has proven successful, and will continue to be a leading business strategy for us in the future. We take full responsibility for the design, building, installation, operating, and maintenance of our equipment. DIRECTAIR® customers pay a single monthly fee for the air they use, with no hidden fees or costs.

Other compressed air providers follow an equipment leasing or BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) service model. Under this arrangement, an air provider will build and operate equipment for a customer, but upon the expiration of the service contract, ownership of the compressed air system is transferred to the user.

This equipment leasing arrangement can cause a host of challenges for the customer, including sales tax obligations, ownership of depreciating assets, balance sheet liabilities, and income tax limitations on lease expenses.

DBOOM models like DIRECTAIR® combine design-build procurements with ongoing operations and maintenance responsibilities, as well as liability and risk management, all under a single third-party entity indefinitely.

New Business Opportunities

The DIRECTAIR® team sees a multitude of promising new business opportunities on the horizon for our company, including:

Offshoring Reversals

The decades-long trend of corporations relocating their manufacturing facilities overseas is now reversing in some cases, due to supply chain and other shipping issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With some manufacturing plants coming back to North America, new opportunities for the DIRECTAIR® compressed air solution are emerging.

Electric Cars

The rapidly growing popularity of electric cars has opened new markets for us. Leveraging our expertise in compressed air solutions, we now play a crucial role in providing compressed air to support the production processes of electric vehicle battery manufacturers.  This reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions that align with evolving industry trends and demands.

Domestic Computer Chip Manufacturing

In recent years, the world has experienced an unprecedented shortage of computer chips manufactured overseas. The U.S. government is working on initiatives to bring more chip manufacturers back home. DIRECTAIR® sees this trend as an opportunity to provide our services to these facilities.

Expansion of Services

In our strategic vision for the future, DIRECTAIR® is actively exploring opportunities to expand our services to current domestic customers who operate in other locations across North America. We are confident in our market-proven compressed air solutions to benefit these facilities

Expanding Up & Down Market

DIRECTAIR® remains dedicated to seeking innovative ways to bring our comprehensive, worry-free compressed air solution to customers across various market segments. Our goal is to make our compressed air solution available to manufacturers of all sizes by identifying their specific needs and developing tailor-fit solutions.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

DIRECTAIR®’s long-standing tradition of working closely with our customers to meet their ever-changing needs will continue. As their business requirements evolve, we will look for ways DIRECTAIR®’s services can be enhanced and adapted to help them be successful.

It is our goal to demonstrate DIRECTAIR®’s value proposition to all stakeholders in our customers’ operations.

Focusing on a Future of Service

The world has changed immensely since we initially developed our revolutionary compressed air service 30 years ago. However ,our lasting dedication to meeting customers’ needs and being a reliable, long-term partner in their success remains unchanged.

At DIRECTAIR®, we are proud of our past achievements but even more excited about the opportunities ahead for us to serve our customers.

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