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DIRECTAIR® Celebrates 30 Years of Sustainability

By DIRECTAIR® Insights Team on April 22, 2024

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DIRECTAIR® Insights Team

Three decades ago, DIRECTAIR® changed the manufacturing industry by offering a completely worry-free, highly cost effective, and hands-off compressed air solution for businesses who no longer wanted the burden and expense of owning, operating, and maintaining their own compressed air systems. 

Our innovative FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service has delivered more than 17 million hours of clean and reliable compressed air to our customers. With our pay-as-you-use model, businesses only pay for the compressed air they need. Our comprehensive solution is customized to meet each business's unique requirements, making us the largest compressed air utility service in North America.

Innovative Sustainability Initiatives with DIRECTAIR®

Beyond the benefits of cost savings, optimized productivity, and the alleviation of operational burdens associated with managing compressed air systems, DIRECTAIR® has also made a substantial impact on our customers’ sustainability practices.

Leveraging our three decades of expertise in designing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining innovative compressed air systems, we have empowered our client’s ability to implement green environmental initiatives.

In honor of Earth Day this year, let’s look at five key ways DIRECTAIR® distinguishes itself in the market by fostering a greener future for manufacturing industries nationwide.

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Energy Cost Savings

Over the last decade, numerous manufacturers have prioritized reducing their carbon footprint as a crucial corporate goal.

Manufactures who utilize the DIRECTAIR® compressed air solution have seen 35%-50% energy cost savings on an annual basis. In total, we have saved our customers 4 billion kilowatts (Kwoh) of electricity usage, which equates to $350M in energy cost savings.

Ready to learn more about how DIRECTAIR® could potentially cut your energy costs in half?

Fill out our form today to receive a free energy audit! 

Carbon Dioxide Savings

Carbon dioxide is a natural component of the environment, but it's also released into the atmosphere through the burning of organic materials like coal for electricity generation.

DIRECTAIR® has made a significant impact on our customers’ ability to lessen their carbon footprint by notably reducing carbon dioxide emissions from their facilities. Our compressed air solution and operational innovations have been responsible for preventing over 3 million metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Elimination of Outdated & Inefficient Equipment

The highly cost effective, worry-free compressed air system by DIRECTAIR® is manufactured using only the best of today’s compressed air equipment and technology.

Our system has replaced many older, outdated, and inefficient air compressors with our state-of-the-art equipment, which is designed, manufactured, operated, and maintained all in-house by our team. 

Reducing Landfill Scrap & Waste

For manufacturers, a reliable and efficient compressed air system is crucial for maximizing production levels and minimizing waste. DIRECTAIR® offers a highly efficient and reliable compressed air solution that can significantly reduce scrap and material waste, leading to reduced landfill use.

Recently, several customers noted that since implementing DIRECTAIR®’s compressed air solution, their manufacturing scrap and waste rate has decreased by 80%. 

Rebates, Incentives, & Discounts

DIRECTAIR® works closely with our customers to identify the energy incentives, rebates, and discounts available to them from their local utility companies.

Our team assists customers in finding and applying for these programs. For over 30 years, DIRECTAIR® has been committed not only to delivering the most energy-efficient compressed air solution in the industry but also to helping customers benefit from utility-sponsored initiatives.

Helping Manufacturers with Environmental Priorities

At DIRECTAIR®, we are highly committed to our customers’ success in every aspect of their operations. Our comprehensive compressed air solution has helped manufacturing facilities in a wide variety of industries reduce their environmental impact, while still maintaining the highest levels of product quality and efficiency.

Our dedication to environmental initiatives is just one of the many factors that has placed DIRECTAIR® at the forefront of the compressed air industry.

Contact an expert today to learn more about how DIRECTAIR® can be a long-term partner in your manufacturing success, and help your carbon footprint be greener.