Get Competitive Advantages with Direct Piping Solutions' Compressed Air & Gas Systems

Superior Reliability & Longevity

  • Complete range of pipe and fittings from sizes ¾” (20mm) to 10” (250 mm).
  • Highly durable materials resistant to corrosion, vibration, thermal
    variation, and outdoor weather conditions.
  • Metal clamshell connectors for all diameters are stronger and
    more durable vs. polymer fittings.
  • Unique grab ring design (20-50mm) and lugged ring (63mm-250mm)
    allows for zero risk of disconnection.
  • Patented active concentric seals provide leak free performance,
    even in high vibration applications. Seal lifespan is double that
    of industry competitors.

Energy Efficient & Cost Effective

  • The smooth interior design and high-flow connectors ensures
    a constant supply of clean air at a reduced pressure drop,
    resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Guaranteed leak-free performance and superior longevity vs.
    traditional pipe systems.
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Quick & Easy Modular Installation

  • Complete range of pipe, fittings, and accessories and is ideal
    for new projects as well as project renovations and extensions.
  • Requires no special tooling, welding, gluing, brazing, soldering,
    or thread cutting for assembly.
  • Reusable, lightweight, and modular design allows for quick
    assembly, installation, and easy modification.

Direct Piping Solutions Can Design, Install, and Maintain Your Turnkey Air System

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