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Learn about OTC Industrial Technologies’ DIRECTAIR® product and how your business can benefit. Our FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service delivers the exact volume, pressure, and dewpoint of compressed air your facility needs for one monthly fee with no capital investment. 

DIRECTAIR®, Compressed Air Utility Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

OTC Industrial Technologies’ food and beverage customer Mountaintop. Watch as the DIRECTAIR® air utility service is installed at their West Virginia site while construction is in progress so the project timeline can remain on pace. 

OTC Opens New DIRECTAIR® Manufacturing Facility

OTC Industrial Technologies opened a new manufacturing facility to support the growing production needs of DIRECTAIR®, an air utility service solution. This new 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, OH allows OTC to meet customers’ increased need for the reliable compressed air that DIRECTAIR® delivers. 

DIRECTAIR®, Tennessee Site Highlight

A quick look at DIRECTAIR® at a customer facility in Tennessee. OTC Industrial Technologies’ DIRECTAIR® product supplies the compressed air for this manufacturer of energy solutions for vehicles, and the customer pays one monthly air utility fee for only the air they use.

We Invest in Our People

At OTC Industrial Technologies, our commitment to our team shines through with over 300 hours of comprehensive training, practical hands-on experience, and industry certifications. Join us as we empower our team, promote from within, and create a brighter future together.

We Invest in Safety

Safety is our top priority at OTC Industrial Technologies. From proper PPE & Arc Rated Uniforms to specialized training, we're dedicated to ensuring everyone's well-being. Together, with stringent protocols and a vigilant team, we're making sure every jobsite is secure.

We Invest in Our Environment

We're deeply committed to our environment, and so are our manufacturers! We've saved over $300 MM in energy, and our customers witness up to 50% reduction in consumption. Together, we've prevented over 3 MM metric tons of CO2 and cut down on landfill waste. From manufacturing to service, efficiency is our priority.

We Invest in Technology

Our reach is vast, with 76 strategic locations. Our warehouses centralize parts, ensuring lightning-fast delivery. Boasting 200+ expert technicians and 24/7 service, we're always here for you. Proud to hold the title of the largest industrial compressed air distributor in the U.S.

We Invest in Solutions

At OTC Industrial Technologies, we're all about investing in technology. We're always prepared with cutting-edge tools like Shock Pulse Measuring and Thermal Imaging. Our commitment to innovation extends to the trade, including advanced systems like MANAGAIR® that allow remote operation control. With predictive & preventative maintenance programs, our focus is on the future.

Contact our compressed air experts today and we'll show you how DIRECTAIR® can save on energy costs, reduce downtime, and help your productivity.