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Check Us Out at the Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023!

Want to learn more about the work we’ve done? Chat with the team at booth #7498 at Pack Expo! We’d love to get the chance to talk about your business and to see if there’s a way DIRECTAIR® can take your operation to the next level.

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September 11-13, 2023


Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #7498

3150 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

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DIRECTAIR® is a compressed air utility service that provides consistent, reliable, and clean, dry air for your business. Unlike traditional compressed air strategies that sell you equipment and charge for repairs and maintenance after something breaks down, DIRECTAIR® is a comprehensive, turnkey strategy for providing consistent, high-quality compressed air with 100% reliability.


Best of all, a fourth utility compressed air service will eliminate maintenance contracts and capital expenditures. We control our product quality from the design stage through manufacturing, installation, operation, and monitoring. We are the only ones in the industry who do this.  No more worrying about hidden costs, unexpected downtime or a reduction in quality over time. Our service takes the burden of managing these complex systems from your team and places it in the hands of our experienced technicians, giving you more time to focus on running your business.


What Can DIRECTAIR® Do for Your Business?

We provide compressed air services for more than 215+ facilities across the nation, so we understand that every operation is different. Our expertise and experience help us develop unique solutions for every enterprise, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. Learn what DIRECTAIR® has done for other companies. 

Compressed air is a critical utility for many manufacturers. Due to the frequent use of compressed air and the need for ductwork, many companies will find space on the shop floor for the compressors. This is convenient, reducing the need for ductwork. There is typically space for compressors, and maintenance is easier.  

It’s a fine solution until the manufacturer needs space on the plant floor – valuable space the compressor uses. 

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When compressors break down, manufacturers face costly repairs and lost revenue due to downtime. Repairing or purchasing a new compressor can solve the problem, but this approach is expensive and might not be the best option for the long-term viability of production, especially as your business grows and your compressed air needs scale. Renting a compressor might be a good alternative, but this is a temporary solution. It’s kicking the can down the road and not addressing the problem.  

With all the owner’s cost analysis data, you can better see your current costs and accurately evaluate your options. For many companies, the best solution is a managed service like DIRECTAIR®.

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The largest subsidiary of one of the world’s top global beauty companies has an initiative for green energy projects. As the first step in “going green,” the manufacturer decided that tackling the environmental impact of its factories and distribution centers was crucial in the transformation process. Having worked with OTC Industrial Technologies at their facilities previously, they decided to contact OTC experts once again for environmentally friendly solutions that align with their green energy goals.

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CJ Automotive, a leading global company in design, development and manufacturing of pedal systems for the automotive industry, had equipment that was no longer functional, so it was facing a large capital equipment expenditure. Additionally, the plant lacked the manpower required to maintain the needed repairs on the aged air compressors. In search of a solution that would improve operational reliability and alleviate maintenance concerns, CJ Automotive contacted the experts at DIRECTAIR®.

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To learn more about all the other ways that DIRECTAIR® can help, please contact us.